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Welcome VaynerMedia

Feb 12

Prestigious and highly-successful digital agency VaynerMedia has chosen our Tagwright House workplace as their new London base (and it’s a very fine choice indeed).

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

VaynerMedia’s new home is worth £1.8 million, with 2 floors allowing the team plenty of room for mulling, brainstorming, and making themselves comfortable. Moving in on the 1st of February for a three year contract, we’re really looking forward to having you join us for the long haul.

Tagwright House is one of our newest spaces, recently refurbished and fully kitted-out with aircon, 24-hour access, meeting rooms, office cleaning, and breakout areas. Located in Old Street, aka the place-to-be for tech and marketing, Tagwright House is the essence of cool with its laidback New York vibes. Just a short walk from The British Library and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant, there are also plenty of boho-chic independent bars and coffee shops scattered around the local area.


As for VaynerMedia, they’re primed and ready for whatever you could possibly need with a wealth of flashy services such as Creative, Paid Media, Influencers, and eCommerce with globally spanning offices across New York, Los Angeles, London, and more.

A household name among those in the marketing sector (and quite rightly so), they have numerous impressive case studies and a high-profile client base including the likes of Toyota, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, and Diageo.


Here at The Boutique Workplace Company, we’re able to acquire buildings on the behalf of large PLC’s. Although we do also offer a home for start-up companies, we’re able to think outside the box in offering self-contained buildings or floor to open-plan floor plates for up to 200 people. We’re also able to acquire buildings from landlords to accommodate large businesses who can’t commit to a 10-year lease.


Not every business wants to move into a typical high-rise office, complete with uninspiring surroundings and matching atmosphere. We’re 100% committed to turning the classic workplace decor on its head and brightening the 9-5’s of our clients with unique, design-led spaces.


Looking for a stylish office space to call your own? We’ve got a number of workplaces available so get tweeting us now at @BoutiqueWorkplace.

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