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4 reasons why company culture is more important than you think…

May 23

The average person spends about 4 and a half years of their life eating, 3 years holidaying, 1 year exercising, and 13 years working.

As a result, it’s incredibly important that employees are able to feel comfortable in their office environment, and company culture can play a huge part in that.

While company culture is something that develops naturally over time (afterall, you’ll automatically hire individuals who fit in with the company’s values and morals) it’s important to continue nurturing the culture.

Here at The Boutique Workplace Company, we provide flexible workspace in prime locations but we are still firm supporters of giving businesses the flexibility and freedom they need to develop their company identity and express this in the workplace. As a result, we offer unbranded workspaces allowing you to feel right at home in your new London office space. Furthermore, each of our 33 serviced offices in London has its own unique interior design allowing us to accommodate all different kinds of cultures within industries.

Afterall, in the words of Nate Berkus “Your home should tell the story of who you are.”

But is company culture really that important?

Yes, yes it is. And here’s why…

1. Workplace friendships are the best
Companies who play together, stay together. If employees spend more time together outside of work, it’ll allow them to form friendships and understand one another better. This will result in better collaboration and communication when they return to the office. And why not take some pics and drive the community across your social channels too!

2. Employee retention will be a doddle
Employees who enjoy and fit in with the company culture will be more likely to stick around. A healthy company culture can be a very compelling reason to stay and will make employees want to do their best work while they’re there.

3. Recruitment will become easier
Company culture can definitely give make your company look more appealing to potential new employees and could play a big part in being the thing that encourages people to join your company and turn down other opportunities. Furthermore, having a super defined company identity will help you in assessing candidates for new roles and work out who is a good fit for the business.

4. Your company identity will contribute to your brand
Your company culture can even affect how your business is perceived in the marketplace. A healthy company culture could help with signing clients, selling your product, or forming partnerships with other businesses.

Are you looking for an unbranded serviced office in London? Get in touch now to find out more about our stylish London workspaces.

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