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Oct 30 2017

The Benefits of Plants in the Office

We’re constantly being told that in order to improve our happiness at work, among many other things, we must step outside and get some ‘fresh air’...

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Sep 27 2017

High Life on the ‘Low Line’

Away from the dazzling lights of Soho, the quirky streets of Shoreditch, and the high-rises of The City, south of the river is raising the bar with Better Bankside’s Low Line...

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Grays Inn Road-214

Jul 31 2017

The New Tech City

Kings Cross. The urban area on the edge of zone 1 that was the former home to a number of ladies called Roxanne… So why has this once controversial location become London’s...

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Jun 07 2017

New Centre Opening: Clerkenwell Road office space

Please stop looking so pleased with yourselves, it’s very un-British. We’re supposed to be in a spiral of despair about Brexit, Trump and now the snap election -...

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May 19 2017

Clerkenwell Design Week: Who to Look out For

Clerkenwell Design Week is like Christmas Day to interior design fanatics like ourselves. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been teething at the bit to get a look at the...

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Apr 11 2017

London Office Space: 9 Ways to Make your Workplace Happier

Despite its perks, living in London is not the trendy lifestyle that movies would have you believe. We’re sure many London workers are all too familiar with the overwhelming...

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Apr 07 2017

Planning a B2B Event

If you’re thinking about hosting a B2B event but don't quite know where to start, look no further. Follow this advice and you’ll be throwing the most tip-top soiree of the...

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Apr 03 2017

Scandinavian Office Design 101

Scandinavian design, or Scandi design for short, has been growing in popularity for years in both residential and commercial settings. It’s clean,...

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