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Clerkenwell Design Week: Who to Look out For

May 19

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Clerkenwell Design Week is like Christmas Day to interior design fanatics like ourselves. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been teething at the bit to get a look at the latest and coolest designs emerging in the UK design industry. With aesthetically pleasing furniture and decor from left to right, we’re licking our with lips in delight while physically restraining ourselves from overusing the words ‘goals’ and ‘inspo’.

There will be a number of unique and fabulous designers showcasing their talent at #CDW2017, but for your perusal we’ve compiled a list of our favourites to keep an eye out for. With our new space opening in July at 29 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5TA, we’re also bouncing with joy as soon-to-be neighbours with a number of these design guru’s.

Thinking Works

We adore Thinking Works’ height adjustable desks, a first for Australian design. Their products combine intelligence and practicality with beautiful design and have earned them international awards and recognition as a result. If that’s not the perfect combination, then we don’t know what is. Check out their exhibition and new product launch on the 24th at 32 Clerkenwell Road; we’re over the moon to find out what they’ve been working on.




We’re gushing over the carpet and vinyl tiles from Interface. With a variety of textures, colours, and materials, Interface’s products will have you stumbling into people, doors, and walls, as you attempt to lift your eyes from the mesmerising floor. At last year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Interface launched their global product range, World Woven, a collection inspired by the world’s most beloved textiles and made from 100% recycled nylon.

We’re particularly taken with the handcrafted effect and simple elegance they can bring to an office space. Interface will be especially active over Clerkenwell design week with a number of workshops, seminars, and talks but their ‘Colour in the workplace’ talk on the 23rd of May at 1 Northburgh Street EC1V 0AL sounds particularly fascinating.




The finest showers and mixers can be purchased from German manufacturer Hansgrohe with both affordable and high-end options. As a design leader in the bathroom sector, their efficient and functional bathroom fittings bring an air of peace and tranquility into your bathroom environment to allow for lots and lots of pampering. We particularly love their feminine and detailed style of bathrooms with a mix of natural materials and traditional aspects. Suddenly, we’ve got the urge to take a very long and luxurious bath…We might even be tempted to sneak over to their neighbouring Water Studio from our new Clerkenwell site in our breaks. Their new product launch and tour entitled ‘Studio Shower’ on the 23rd May at 12–16 Clerkenwell Road EC1M 5PQ is sure to be fascinating and filled with more aesthetically pleasing creations.


Humanscale are on a mission to provide every office space with ergonomic products to improve the health and comfort. Their blog is filled with tips to make the office more sustainable, and employees more productive. They offer seating, lighting, desk accessories, foot stands, and much much more, but what we especially love is the simplicity and timelessness of their designs. On the 24th May they’ll be hosting a talk/seminar titled ‘’Simplicity in Design’ chaired by Jeremy Myerson at 13 Northburgh Street EC1V 0JP that is sure to be thought-provoking as well as debate rousing.


Workspace essentials: A pop of color and a cup of coffee — in your favorite mug, of course. #NYCxDESIGN

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For stand out furniture, look no further than Allermuir. In creating contemporary, unique, and inspiring furniture, Allermuir aims to make spaces look intriguing, different, and completely one of a kind. We must confess, we have a particular soft spot for their daring use of bold colour. Allermuir really focus on making spaces exhibit a desired ambience. Just read their blog post on how the scandinavian term ‘Hygge’ loosely translating as ‘cosy’ can be brought into the office space. On the 23rd of May, Allermuir will be launching their new product at their VIP Breakfast at 10 Northburgh St EC1V 0AT.


Camira Fabrics

Fabric connoisseurs, Camira Fabrics, love using colour, texture, and print to bring personality into a range of spaces from workplaces to public transport. You’re likely to have already encountered their highly popularised work at some point, with over 8 million metres of fabric being created per year. We are in love with the way they let nature and the elements be their inspiration. Their workshop on the 23rd at 8&10 Brewhouse Yard EC1V 4DG entitled ‘Camira Flash Factory: from fibre to yarn’ sounds extremely interesting.



Casala are a furniture manufacturing company with over a century of experience in contract furniture. Their innovative and sophisticated design real appeals to our love of all things sleek and elegant to the extent that we simply cannot look at their products without letting out the occasional ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’. We’ll be able to gawk at their genius from our new neighbouring Clerkenwell site, but for the rest of you, they’ll be hosting a drinks reception on the 23rd of May at 5 Albemarle Way EC1V 4JB to present new products and materials that are being added to their collection.

P.s They’re so ‘Je ne suis quoi?’ they don’t even have an instagram post for us to feature here! 🙂

Scandinavian Business Seating

Scandinavian Business Seating provide four separate brands of chairs, united by their Scandinavian values in terms of sustainability, comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics. We love how their design are so extremely considerate of the comfort of the average working man or woman in helping to maintain a healthy posture and form when sitting for extended periods. On the 25th of May Simon Wyatt, Health and Wellbeing Director at Cundall, will be giving a talk about the importance of health and well-being in design, a topic we can all get on-board with.


With our new site opening in July, which of our #CDW2017 neighbours are making you want to join us in Clerkenwell? Let us know via Twitter using the handle @BoutiqueWorkCo

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