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Corporates ‘cool it’ on formal dress-codes

Feb 12

Hands up if you’ve ever worked in a corporate company with a formal dress code.
🙋Hands up if you’ve ever wished you didn’t work in a corporate company with a formal dress code. 🙋

It’s generally understood that most corporate companies enforce a pretty strict and formal dress code with the intention of keeping you 1) appropriately dressed for any client meetings, 2) not distracted by your outfit choices or the outfit choices of others, and 3) in the ‘professional mindset’ (whatever that means).

But with the flexible workspace industry often lending itself to more smart-casual workwear, corporate industries seem to be taking a few leaves out of the flexible workspace book.

With around 1/3 of your life spent in the office, it’s important to create a space that makes people feel comfortable and at home.

Flexible workspaces are often popular among those in more creative industries and the decor of their serviced workspaces often reflect this. Here at The Boutique Workplace Company, we’re big fans of a unique look and a pop of colour and it’s because of our chilled out vibes among other things, that help our clients “be themselves”.

Corporate companies are slowly changing their attitudes towards the overall office atmosphere with a greater focus on office design and staff wellbeing. With a few plants here and there, a sofa in the corner, and a less intimidating working environment, employees are able to be more relaxed, creative, and open-minded.

“I really enjoy dressing casually for work. I don’t believe that I need to dress formally in order to be in the right mindset for work, although I understand that some people find it helpful. If I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing (physically and mentally), I often feel more motivated and productive at work.” – Kirsty, ContentCal – resident of our Tagwright House Workplace

Despite slow progress, corporate companies are becoming more and more influenced by the flexible workspace industry and taking steps in a more positive direction. What’s next? An increase in office dogs? Sonos in the office? Networking events? Only time will tell…

Looking for a dazzling new workplace where you can wear what you want? Get in touch now and we’ll help you find the perfect office you can call your own.

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