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Flexible workspaces are in, traditional workplaces are out

Jun 28


The modern day man or woman isn’t seeking the usual grey and glamour-less office space that the movies often depict. The people of today are looking for style, comfort, convenience, and… well, (dare we say it) workspaces just like ours.

The results are in, and 2017 has revealed a dramatic increase in the popularity of flexible working spaces and we’re predicting a similar result at the end of 2018. Unsurprisingly, London continues to be the queen of co-working spaces internationally (even surpassing the Big Apple), with a total of 2.5m sq ft leased to flexible workspace providers in 2017, a 190% increase on 2016.

But why exactly are coworking spaces becoming so coveted? Here are our thoughts…


Of course, those within co-working spaces are open to a whole network of new people to connect with and benefit from as a business. Many industries commonly flock to the same areas of London in particular, but this doesn’t mean that your desk neighbours are your new competition. Getting to know the other businesses in your workplace or building could help you get more customers, clients, and opportunities.


Co-working spaces are often flexible in that they can often offer a short-term lease. While a less commitment-heavy lease will surely cause a number of businesses to breathe a small sigh of relief, a co-working space can also mean room to grow for any startups or SME’s who are looking to expand. Furthermore, co-working spaces often don’t require you to pay for utility bills, install infrastructure, or worry about any of those other shudder-inducing responsibilities.

Workplace Culture

Grays Inn Road kitchen area

This one rings especially true for smaller startup companies. When a mixture of businesses are muddled together in one shared space, it creates a brand new dynamic allowing for new friendships, conversational topics, and workplace comradery. It’s little things like workplace culture that make going to the office an all-around more pleasurable experience while improving employee motivation and staff retention rate.


Fresh perspectives

If you’re working in a creative industry or just have a job role that requires a lot of problem-solving, having a mixture of characters and personalities in your office can only be a good thing. Sometimes it only takes a fresh pair of eyes to see something in a new light and help you make a breakthrough on a project. For those looking to create something original and exciting, getting one or more of your co-workers together to bounce ideas off could result in a very unique brainstorming session.

Co-working sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it? If you’re looking to give it a go, get in touch with The Boutique Workplace Company now. We’ve got a variety of decor-driven workspace to put a smile on your face.

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