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Kings Cross Office Space: Collaboration In Scandinavia.

Apr 03


Over the last decade, a push for collaboration has swept across London office space and the world. Across workplaces everywhere, walls are being knocked down to allow for responsiveness, fast ideas and teamwork to be built up…

86% of execs have even associated ‘lack of collaboration’ as a primary cause of workplace failures.

As our Director Daniel explained when planning the refurbishment of our Kings Cross office space, “Kings Cross is one of the leading areas for the tech industry in London at the moment,” so alongside a collaborative design, “We have to bring a creative workplace to this hub which promises a further increase in demand, especially with Google’s plans to expand by an extra 3,000 jobs too.”

Experience however, had taught us that shared creative workspaces can be chaotic and difficult for introverted minds. As a result, we knew our collaborative space had to provide an air of tranquility too.

Luckily for us, when we approached design and build company, ThirdWay Interiors to lead our refurbishment, they married these two needs with ease and constructed a collaborative, yet calm environment using the following themes…

Natural Light


We always had large windows at Gray Inns Rd, but the light couldn’t disperse through the building due to boxed off spaces. Once these were knocked down, the building became considerably brighter. Natural light doesn’t just open up spaces but is also found to make us more productive at work.

Scandinavian Design


For calm interiors, there’s no muse quite like Scandinavia design. ThirdWay used fresh neutral colours, clean lines, and honest raw materials from our pre-existing building. The end design channels a Scandinavian-esq vibe and has resulted in a breathable and muted working environment.

Nordic Statements


Taking further prompts from our Nordic friends, understated pieces (including striking vinyl-weaved integrated flooring, and huge industrial copper feature walls) were used to weave warmth through the industrial areas of the workspace.

Open Areas


To enhance innovation and productivity, open spaces of up to 3000sqft were created to allow teams and neighbours to interact with ease. These areas open up the flow of communication throughout the building and act as handy breakout areas for the serviced offices upstairs.

Focal Points


Hand in hand with our energetic open spaces, tranquil areas are used to bring harmony into our office space. Separate meeting booths and freestanding furniture are sprinkled throughout the building as hubs for private conversations, reflection, and uninterrupted concentration.

Hungry to know more about the decisions behind the interior design? Here Danielle from Thirdway Interiors talks you through her insights…


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