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London Office Space: 9 Ways to Make your Workplace Happier

Apr 11 2017


Despite its perks, living in London is not the trendy lifestyle that movies would have you believe. We’re sure many London workers are all too familiar with the overwhelming dread that accompanies the boarding of a tube during rush hour, and the jaw-clenching irritation that comes from weaving through the herds of slow-walkers on the street.

With the average Londoner spending over 33 hours at work per week, it’s important to make the workplace into an area that is pleasant, comfortable, and not just a place for the over-consumption of caffeine. That’s why our London workplaces are designed to allow for a comfortable and productive working experience, free from the stress of everyday London living.

Studies even indicate that the environment in your London office space is actually the most important factor in relation to employee satisfaction, with nicer atmospheres seeing increased productivity and efficiency. There are also overall benefits to both employee and company; sounds like a win-win situation.

In no particular order…

Add nature to the office

There’s something magical about plants and their ability to breathe life into even the most miserable of rooms. While deep green tones can be a nice touch for the interior décor, plants can also have a significant effect on workplace happiness by reducing emotions such as anxiety, hostility, and fatigue by up to 58%. Amazingly enough, a ratio of 1 plant to every 3 employees can also result in much cleaner air with a reduction of CO2, dust, and mould.


Encourage socialising

All work and no play can make anyone a dull employee. By introducing opportunities to socialise, workers can bond and form friendships, resulting in a more harmonised and supportive environment. With Londoners having no need to drive home at the end of the day, it’s the perfect excuse to go for some after-work drinks! A study by Dr Pentland and Waber concluded that socialising in the workplace even leads to higher productivity. With open spaces for ease of interaction, our office spaces are perfect to allow for light conversation between neighbouring desks. We’ve seen many offices in our time where the employees are not interacting or socialising and it creates a very hostile and uncomfortable environment.

Endorse healthy living

It’s important that employees don’t get wrapped up in trying to impress the boss by sacrificing their break. A fulfilling and healthy lunch, and some time away from a screen, will allow for greater concentration and alertness upon return. We always find that taking a walk in the fresh air is a great way to rejuvenate the brain of the hard-working Londoner, and top up the levels of motivation. On top of this, 9 ‘til 5 employees may not even get a chance to see the sun without these breaks come winter. Seeing a little sun can make a huge difference to the workplace happiness.

Make sure people are comfortable

Ultimately, full concentration and focus will be created by a calm and peaceful working area. While open-plan offices should try to keep the noise down, adding furniture like sofas or armchairs to the London office space will make it seem more welcoming and relaxed. Our offices all host smaller areas that allow for chilled concentration, a change in environment, and privacy, if needed.


Work in a place that looks good

A London workspace that is aesthetically pleasing is great for lightening the mood as well as reducing levels of absenteeism. When you wear nice clothes; you feel good, and the same goes for the workplace. All of our offices are high-quality and unbranded to allow for personal touches such as art or mementos to really help people get comfortable. Workplace happiness can just come from the personal touches.


Give Random, unexpected perks

Who doesn’t love surprises? Giving employees small yet unexpected perks can really increase workplace happiness. By treating the team to a Friday Nandos or letting them off a little early on a sunny day, Monday dread will soon cease to exist. And employees will feel appreciated and more willing to work harder!


Keep a check on work life balance

London is, by definition, a bustling and busy location, with house-shares a common occurrence. As a result, it’s a great idea to offer a little flexibility in the working hours to accommodate to your employee’s hectic lives. With 24/7 office access and a little more freedom, employees are more likely to work at their highest levels of motivation and thus produce a higher quality of work. However, it’s important to monitor these hours to ensure that employees are not becoming over-worked which can lead to a deterioration of standard, and an increase in mistakes.

Encourage development

While workplace development can include training, it’s also about mentoring and team building to make the workplace more efficient and driven. Meet-ups and events in the city should certainly be taken advantage of, not only for motivation and education, but also for networking. Have a look at for occasions like the ‘Startup Grind’ or the ‘Business Networking and Growth’ meet-up, look out for our own too. These events can give people a fresh perspective on their everyday roles and inspire them to perform better within their job.

Say thank you

Employees are individuals, not worker ants. It’s important to make them aware that their role is appreciated and important within the team. Why not celebrate their contribution with a party? We don’t just offer London office space, but also have a range of event locations too for hosting fabulous soirees and cracking parties, guaranteed to make employees feel valued and respected.


What do you do to bring happiness to the workplace? We want to know @BoutiqueWorkCo

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