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Why you’ll love our Grays Inn Road workspace

Dec 05

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Nobody wants to spend their 9-5 in a space with no character, colour, or style. Here at The Boutique Workplace Company, we’re all about making workspaces homely, comfortable, and most importantly, somewhere that you actually want to be.

It’s 2019, and studies have shown that a nicely decorated workplace makes for more productive employees who are happy and motivated in their workplace. Furthermore, if you’re looking to bring clients over or host a few meetings here and there, you’re going to want to invite your guests to a space that makes them feel good, and you look good.

Our Grays Inn Road workspace does just that with its floor to ceiling glass windows, cosy breakaway spaces, and a rooftop terrace. It’s also fully equipped with wifi, a television, and a whiteboard.

“The environment in the serviced office market is changing before our eyes. In the last two to three years, we’ve seen it develop from just providing four walls and an office for clients, to actually providing a community. It’s important that people feel at home when they’re at work. It’s important that they’re very happy and excited to bring their clients to a building. It’s important that they actually feel happy to show off the environment that they work in.”

– Daniel Wheble, CEO, The Boutique Workplace Company

Come on in…

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