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Our Climate Pledge

Climate change is a global problem that will become increasingly threatening unless major action is taken on a worldwide scale. We believe that everybody has their part to play in the fight against climate change, however small, and that includes us.


We’ve worked towards integrating sustainability into every part of our business, reducing our impact on the planet and making it easier for our members to do the same. Here’s what we’re doing to make The Boutique Workplace Company a sustainable leader in the flexible workspace sector:

– Our entire model revolves around the repurposing of old buildings through renovation, giving them renewed purpose, preserving architectural history, and reducing the waste and emissions that come about through ongoing new construction and development
– Workplaces in The Boutique Collection span the breadth of London, providing our members with the chance to work closer to home, thereby minimising the need for long commutes and reducing pollution
– We’ve built bicycle storage facilities into the majority of our workplaces to encourage our businesses to choose a more environmentally friendly commute
– We’ve eliminated single-use cups from our workplaces and keep a supply of glasses and mugs for our members to use
– The free coffee we offer our members across all workplaces in The Boutique Collection is ethically sourced and fair trade
– We’re working towards implementing electric car charging points where viable at our workplaces (already available at The Smith in Kingston-upon-Thames) to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles
– We run regular initiatives to support small businesses that are environmentally minded and working towards a more sustainable future

But that’s just the beginning. We’re constantly working on new ways to make The Boutique Workplace Company a more sustainable business, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint by as much as possible.

If you have any ideas for changes we can make to benefit the planet, we’d love to hear from you.

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