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The Benefits of Plants in the Office

Oct 30 2017


We’re constantly being told that in order to improve our happiness at work, among many other things, we must step outside and get some ‘fresh air’ throughout the day. However, leaving your office and stepping out into a concrete jungle doesn’t exactly make that easy!

As an alternative, why not bring the outdoors indoors? There are a range of purported benefits of plants in the office, and with over 391,000 species of plants to choose from, you’re sure to find several that you and your team are capable of keeping alive!

Not only do plants make for an attractive decoration and contribute to office design, they also lift the spirits of staff and are proven to be beneficial to our health. Here are our top reasons for bringing plants into your workplace, a summary of the benefits they can offer, and some tips on how to turn your office into a thriving urban jungle…


1. Health Benefits

A variety of indoor plants have been found to offer health benefits in research. While they might only be minor, these benefits can contribute to the fight against ‘sick building syndrome’, subtly improving the well-being of your employees.

Certain plants are capable of mitigating allergy symptoms, purifying the air, increasing oxygen levels, and increasing humidity. These effects can contribute to a fight against ‘sick building syndrome’, ensuring your employees have the best chance of remaining happy and healthy in the workplace.

Look out for plants including peace lilies, golden pothos, spider plants, snake plants, and ivy. These are just some of the plant species that have been found to offer health benefits in various studies.


2. Increased productivity

One study by Dr Chris Knight and other psychologists at Exeter University found that employees perform better when household plants are included in their workspace. After 10 years of study, they concluded that there can be a productivity boost of up to 15% when indoor plants are present.

Other studies have resulted in similar findings. Researchers from Washington State University, for example, found that people both felt more productive and had reaction times 12% faster when their workplace featured indoor plants.ll as being easy on the eye, plants have many qualities that benefit our wellness.


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3. Stress reduction

Plants are also great at relieving stress and soothing anxiety. An extensive review by researchers from the University of Sussex found a link between indoor plants and reduced stress. Their research also included a reference to the benefits of mental recovery that indoor plants can promote.

Even if the anti-stress properties of plants aren’t particularly powerful, every little helps in the office. And, since workplaces have been found to be high-stress environments, there’s all the more reason to prioritize any action that will reduce the stress experienced by employees.

4. Nice to look at

Finally, let’s face it, incorporating plants into a space makes the world of difference to how it looks. If there’s an empty corner in a room, add a plant. If your desk looks a little bare, add a plant. Concerned that the reception area isn’t welcoming? Add a plant. Voilà!

An office full of greenery is aesthetically pleasing and adds life to an environment. They improve the surroundings for employees and provide something attractive to look at rather than the back of your co-workers computer screen! Plants portray a sense of positivity and make the office a more welcoming place for clients and visitors. The visual value they add is unbeatable and an interior design investment that doesn’t need to break the bank!

5. Other benefits of plants in the office

There are a range of other less significant but still valuable benefits to having plants in the office, including:

  • Plants actually have the ability to reduce noise pollution. In areas where there are hard surfaces, floors and walls, they absorb noises which can often be distracting to employees.

  • Indoor plants can help to create environments that replenish our capacity for focus and attention. They can provide a modest contrast to the attention-grabbing negative stimuli that are often part and parcel of office environments.

  • Giving employees their own personal desk plant can promote a culture of accountability and responsibility in the workplace. This can bleed out into how your team approaches their work itself.

Our favourite office plants

The thought of creating a green office space can be overwhelming so start off small, perhaps with a quirky desk terrarium or a few succulents and cacti.

Here are a few of our foliage favourites to get you going…

Spider plant: Spider plants are cool to look at and a particularly easy plant to keep indoors, stick it somewhere high and admire it’s spider seedlings growing downwards! It’s also one of the top plant species for removing toxins from indoor air.

Jade plant/money plant: Known as the money plant these easy to care for friends are thought to welcome prosperity! Could there be a more fitting plant for a workplace?

Monstera/cheese plant: A design favourite! A little harder to care for than a succulent but worth it when you see this beauty bloom with it’s astounding leaves!

Cacti: A trusty cactus is a fail-safe option for those less green fingered. Just be sure to place them somewhere where no one is likely to get a nasty prickle… Unless you have a colleague that took the last of the milk without replacing it!


Overall, office environments are more calming and all-round nicer places to be with the presence of plants. If you are looking for a workplace that already incorporates nature and has it’s very own living wall, there’s a Boutique Workplace calling your name! Browse the collection or email the team at to find it today.

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