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Hosting a B2B Event in London

Apr 07


If you’re thinking about hosting a B2B event in London, look no further. Follow this advice and you’ll be throwing the most tip-top soiree of the century, and all with minimal nail-biting.

Successful business events will allow for beneficial networking and the opportunity to reinvent your brand to appear classy, fun, and capable. However, it’s important to put the effort into the planning process as a dull or unorganised event may actually harm your business instead (no pressure then).

Luckily for you, choosing a venue is the least of your worries as The Boutique Workplace Company has numerous event spaces available for hire to create the perfect setting. Even the stuffiest of businessmen will be impressed.



1. Plan…A lot

It’s impossible to host a business event in London without some pretty thorough planning. All details must be carefully considered such as the food and drink, the entertainment, the date, and of course, the venue. You may need to prepare guests with some useful information such as the nearest tube station, it may also be a good idea to host your party post rush-hour to ensure your guests can travel from office to location with ease. Don’t let your lengthy to-do list send you into procrastination mode; the quicker you begin planning, the more you’ll thank yourself later.


2. The Purpose

You’ve got to stay focused when planning a B2B event in London. Pinpoint exactly what you are hoping to achieve before you begin planning. Do you want to improve the reputation of your business? Network? Encourage a partnership? Launch a new product? Consider a more open-plan venue if you’re looking to maximise the mingling opportunities; our Gray Inn Road venue is perfect for socialising.



3. Consider the Guests

It’s easy to get wrapped up in planning duty and lose sight of the people you should be thinking about the most; your guests. Have a brainstorm about what entertainment or activities you could bring to the event that would appeal to your guests; how about a pop-up cookery class, or a wine sampling area? Take a look at some of the events we host for inspiration. You might even be interested in attending our Networking drinks and Crowdfunding Talk night.



4. Check the Calendar

It is VITAL you have a peek at the industry calendar and make sure your B2B event will not clash or (dare we say it) be overshadowed by another occasion. You want to be sure to have as many attendees as possible so don’t tempt fate by scheduling your event on the same date.


5. Details, details, details.

As Sophie Symons, Head of Events at TBWC explains, “Planning events for The Boutique Workplace Company couldn’t be more of a pleasure, but all take careful planning from set-up to clean up. Details are key when planning events, so start with a checklist and try to list every aspect you want to be perfect before you start: I make lots of checklists and rely on my calendar for reminders, then consider the crucial elements of the event – for example, if they want to party, I’ll purchase more than enough alcohol, as it’s better to have some leftover for next time than explain to a dancefloor there’s no drinks left.”


6. Be Creative!

Don’t feel like you need to put yourself in a box to be similar to other London B2B events. It’s great to put your own spin on things (while staying on brand) to make the event more exciting and memorable. Remember, the more fun you have while planning, the more fun your guests are likely to have. We have some very stylish and modern spaces, perfect for gatherings that require a quirkier setting; have a look at our Curtain Road space.


7. At the Event

We’re sorry to break it to you but the work isn’t over once the party begins. Make the effort to mingle, and welcome guests into the venue. Don’t get carried away on the drinks (even if you are trying to get your money’s worth) and stay focused on your objectives. It’s also fantastic to capture your event with videos and photos to post over social media, or your website. People who couldn’t be there will see how successful the event was, and will definitely want to come to your next one. We are constantly updating our social pages to show-off how much fun we had at our most recent event; check out the pics from our St Patrick’s Day Guinness Pong Party, that we uploaded that very same night.



8. The After-Party Follow-Up

The party doesn’t stop when the final guest has left the building. Sure, it’s a relief, but you mustn’t let all your effort go to waste. Get in touch with the people you met, chase up anyone who mentioned cool business opportunities, and thank all of your guests for coming.


Remember our event spaces for your next B2B event in London; we have several newly refurbished spaces varying in size and facilities to choose from.

What was the best business event in London you’ve ever attended and what made it great? Let us know @BoutiqueWorkCo

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