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Meet the Team

Daniel Wheble

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel is the Founder and CEO of the Boutique family who always has his door open. Having started the business almost 13 years ago he has opened over 50 successful workplaces.

Award most likely to win: Swiss army knife

David Hall

Managing Director

David is the Managing Director for the group. He strives for perfection and makes sure the ever-growing Boutique ship runs smoothly. A Yorkshire lad through and through so make sure you know how to make a decent brew!

Award most likely to win: Eyes of an eagle

Danielle Jones

Sales Director

Approaching her 10th year with the company, Danielle has progressed her way into the Sales Director role. Her strong relationships and knowledge of the industry make her a key player in Boutique.

Award most likely to win: Talking too fast

Dan Tate

Finance Director

Dan is our money man (clue is in his title). A head ache solver and excel hero, he makes sure we are heading in the right direction as we continue to expand and it’s always a good day in the office when Dan is happy with the numbers.

Award most likely to win: Human calculator

William Adu-Larbi

Regional Sales Manager

Making his industry debut with us, William joined as Regional Sales Manager and was everyone’s BFF instantly. Whether you are an employee, client or partner everyone is always talking about “Will’s energy”. An ambitious, calm, collected and humble guy that never ceases to amaze. He’s got too much love to give but far too many fire emojis. Not only does he find companies their dream boutique office but he’s also a music producer, a perfume creator and clothes designer.

Award most likely to win: FIRE

Victoria Stevenson

Personal Assistant to CEO

Victoria joined the company as PA to the CEO but a true team player who is very agile & would assist anyone when they need her.  Vicky will never ever say no as she’s almost too helpful!

Award most likely to win: “No”” isn’t in her vocabulary.

Kayley Hough

Inbound Sales Manager

Making her industry debut with us 11 years ago, Kayley has progressed into the Inbound Sales Manager where she enjoys building relationships with our valued agents and overseeing enquiries. Quick as a cat and sarcastic as hell but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Award most likely to win: Wise Owl

John Fleming

Regional Facilities Manager

The safest pair of hands in the company, Geordie John keeps us in check with all things Health and Safety. With a military background, we’re definitely not going to argue with him about keeping fire doors closed!

Award most likely to win: Safe Hands

Samantha Gray

Regional Operations Manager

Having worked almost worked 10 years in the industry, Sam joined Boutique in 2018 and now we can’t remember what it was like without her. A keen hiker, if you can’t find Sam in one our workplaces you’ll find her up a mountain. Funnily enough, the last sentence was fiction until 2022…we can now confirm that Sam has now climbed a mountain.

Award most likely to win: Cliffhanger

Chelsie Christie

Regional Operations Manager

Chelsie progressed through the business starting as a Workplace Manager before being promoted to Regional Operations Manager. Customer Service is at her core and she is the most laid back member of the team doing it whilst always looking good! Owner to two sausage dogs who are rather popular when visiting our clients.

Award most likely to win: Fashion Icon

Karen Williams

Regional Operations Manager

Nicknamed Kazza by some & almost everyone’s favourite employee, Karen is the best listener who will always tell it as it is and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Our most experienced Operations Manager who makes everyone’s lives easier. Just look at that face!

Award most likely to win: Care Bear

Adam Neroni

Regional Sales Manager

A ray of sunshine is Adam our “italian” stallion. Not a bad word to say about anybody and always a welcoming personality for our prospective client’s. Another industry veteran having worked in the industry for over 15 years.

Award most likely to win: The X Factor

Elizabeth Beddard

Regional Operations Manager

Not only does Elizabeth look the part, she IS the part. A chirpy lass who has vastly learned both sides of the business. Another kind heart and sweet soul who is always eager to learn, progress and strive for the best.

Award most likely to win: Fashion mishap

Kam Khun

Regional Operations Manager

Number 2 on payroll, Kam is the long standing member of staff. One of the most efficient players we have, Kam runs her Workplaces like well-oiled machines. Any problems, Kam’ll fix it and fix it fast.

Award most likely to win: Permanent marker

Dan Mcleod

Commercial Manager

Meet Dan, our Brummie man with a bright ginger beard but not hair!? Dan is one of our shining stars who started as a Regional Sales Manager in London before managing one of our largest workplaces in Birmingham. With over 15 years industry experience in mutiple roles including agency, he has vast knowledge and is always one to ask advice from.

Award most likely to win: Foot in mouth

Danielle Mack

Assistant Operations Manager

Danielle gets the job done. On hand to assist Chelsie, Danielle oversees the operations so Chelsie can fosus on strategy. A friendly face and always reliable.

Award most likely to win: Miss reliable

Ammisha Shepherd

Project Delivery Manager

Ammisha has a wealth of experience in the the flexible workspace sector and especially in IT and customer needs. Ammisha is always smiling and is good fun to be around. Ammisha’s efficiency has seen her progress to project delivery opening our new workplaces.

Award most likely to win: Reliable drinking partner

Bryce Maree

Regional Sales Manager

Bryce is a Boutique legend. Good things come in small packages or pints of Guiness. Bryce is always officially the last one standing and can always be counted on. A brilliant sales person and all we can say is “everyone loves Bryce”.

Award most likely to win: Brother from another mother

Adrienne Hicks

Assistant Operations Manager

A success story at Boutique, Adrienne has progressed her way from a Workplace Manager and now assists one of our longest standing Assistant Operations Managers.

Award most likely to win: Miss Memorable

Suzi Mustafa

Assistant Operations Manager

A beauty inside and out. We all love Suzi! Suzi would do anything for anyone. A huge people person who is always positive and fun loving but also doesn’t take no…. 😉 She’s a huge people person who enjoys the gym and reading self-development books. Always positive energy and good vibes only with Suzi.

Award most likely to win: Miss positive energy

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