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Presenting… our new Mayfair Workplace

Apr 20

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No need to blink, squint, or pinch yourself, The Boutique Workplace Company is proud to announce their dreamy new Mayfair workspace at 25 Green Street.

Our stylish new Green Street digs are just a stone’s throw from the lushest amenities such as the famous Claridge’s Hotel and several Michelin-stared restaurants. Can you picture yourself roaming around the sunny green landscapes of Hyde Park during your lunch break? Because we know we can (wistful sigh).

Who doesn’t want to work in London’s Mayfair? The area itself radiates vibrancy and energy with shops, entertainments venues, shopping districts, and theatres galore. As the best location for anyone in the Assets Management and Finance industries and Monopoly board’s most expensive destination, Mayfair is a place for businesses to bloom and flourish.

As an area of high-demand (of course), London’s West End is also home to London Fashion Week, Oxford and Regent Street shopping districts, the BFI headquarters, and Sony Entertainment Pictures. As a matter of fact, Mayfair is one of the most premium office locations in the world with a constant demand for redevelopment (wow-ee).


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But is 25 Green Street more than just a pretty space?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is so much more interesting. Spanning just under 7000 sq ft and with suites to accommodate 2 – 25 people, our stunning Mayfair space comes with a grand entrance, a lounge area, and an onsite meeting room. Not to mention, we’re also offering 24-hour access, fibre-optic broadband, office cleaning, a passenger lift, and all the furnishings.

As the ideal place for small thoughts to blossom into big and show-stopping ideas, 25 Green Street offers a fabulous alternative to modern corporate buildings with elegant chic vibes and a modern aesthetic. If you’re looking for a new workspace with comfort, sophistication, and flexibility, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Oh, but it doesn’t stop there, The Boutique Workplace Company have a number of bespoke and classy spaces across London’s West End, and beyond. Get in touch now and find your perfect workspace.

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